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Thoughts Like Music
...original soundtrack not available...you'll thank us...
2nd-Jun-2004 05:01 pm
I feel quite thankful today. Randomly...just because you don't see yourself here doesn't mean I'm not thankful for you. Here goes.

I'm thankful for...
shineyquarter for keeping me at her place until our place is ready.
golfbisquit for holding some of my stuff at the warehouse-o-rama until our place is ready.
Little Bud being the cutest, sweetest ball of fluff that ever snuggled me to sleep.
Diesel prices being cheap in Knoxville and my car getting 30 miles to the gallon.
Catching up with Eric whom I've been missing.
Being taller than shineyquarter. ;)
For phones and cams and IM's and text messages...but mostly for the person on the other end.

Well, shineyquarter is off work. We're going to buy Silk and cereal. Quick, before she bites my arm after her two day fast! :)
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