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Thoughts Like Music
...original soundtrack not available...you'll thank us...
Day 9 & 10 
24th-Mar-2005 12:59 pm
-fingers on keys-
Wednesday: Spent the morning typing up a research proposal for the University of Aberdeen. (They'd not asked for one originally, so I'm not sure if they changed the requirements or if they are indeed interested. Hard to say.) Finished that headache about 12:15 or so. Feels like a wasted morning a bit.

Took the bus down to Duthie Park. Walked around the winter gardens some, they are very lovely. I'd like to see the Rose Mountain in bloom sometime, guess that's a reason to come back to Aberdeen. ;)

We walked around the river by the daffodils and headed over to ASDA. We got a few bit of this and that, but the best thing so far are the potato scones! Yay!

When we got back, we put away all the shopping. We'd gotten a new shower curtain and a bin for the kitchen and those are in place, but we didn't get the voile curtains/sheers for the window up yet.

That was the day, pretty much.

Thursday: Got up this morning to go over to the university. We'll just say that meeting up with them probably went okay from anyone else's perspective, but from mine it was a little bit of anxiety that could have been done without.

We had biked over after Tom fixed the tyre on the bike. However, just after knocking Avi up rather abruptly, I managed to break the chain on the bike, so we walked the over to Edinburgh Bicycle Company and left it there to get the chain fixed.

We'll see Constantine later on today with Avi and Gordon. Hopefully my knees will have stopped hurting by then. (I fell off the bike as well. Swell.)

Tonight, we might meet up with some people. We'll see.

That's all she wrote.
24th-Mar-2005 08:49 pm (UTC)
"However, just after knocking Avi up rather abruptly"

that did confuse me for a moment there ;)
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