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Thoughts Like Music
...original soundtrack not available...you'll thank us...
This is the true story... 
20th-Jun-2005 11:50 pm
Whirlwind weekend. Dead tired. More on that tomorrow, methinks.

Time for a brain numbing meme and then sweet, sweet sleep. :)

Auditions ("I'm going to drop you as a friend unless you comment right now.")
I have always waited for other people to drop me first. I have done one round of deletions, it was more of impatience than anything else. I had little in common with the ones deleted and I doubt there is any bad feelings on their side...definitely none on mine.

Bad grammar/spelling (either accidentally or via l33tsp3@k)
It happens. Less now that I am using xjournal that auto checks unlike the version of Semagic that I was using that did not. I'm a good speller...I just type fast and I tend to drop entire words rather than mispell words.

Constant PayPal/eBay whoring ("If only someone were to make a donation!")
I asked, tongue in cheek, for the higher number of user icons. snagglepuss2 was kind enough to indulge my desire. Otherwise, nope...never asked directly for anything of monetary value.

Cryptic posts ("Oh, my, who knew that would happen?")

Yeah, I've made a few. Who hasn't in the end? There are things we all refer to that the public at large wouldn't quite understand.
I don't believe in filters. I see very few of you in real life, and while I appreciate the bonds we've made over the Web (and I hope to make many of those stronger in the coming year) most of you don't care that x, y, and z are making me have a minor coronary over them. Especially when I have no answer, and expect none from you. I'm a devil's advocate, to many people shock and dismay. I like to see both sides. If I post about the things that really get my ire up...all you'd see is my side of the story. And how fair is that? Especially if I post expecting everyone to endorse the side I'm presenting?I truly hate drama. Unfortunately, since I don't use filters...I don't make things private much either. (Umm...what would be the point? I have a paper journal that's definitely higher security...) So, if I choose to remember something via this journal that I don't want everyone to know about, I'm vague. That's pretty much going to stop. I think cryptic/vague posts cause more drama in the end. And that's not what I'm after. (Though, I am looking into getting some of those llama wool jumpers, dreema. :) )

Eeyoring ("Today I will post the seventieth entry in Why My Life Sucks...")
I've been probably quite Eeyore-esque these last few weeks. My true apologies. I try to post a smattering of everything. Sometimes the bad comes out. *shrug*

Long, uncut posts/images.
I cut...but I have no hard and fast guidelines about what length gets cut and what doesn't. It just depends. :)

Repeated deletions/goodbyes ("Once again, I have deleted my journal because WOE IZ ME.")
I think not.

Quiz overload/Significant other lust all the time ("Guess what my snooziwookums did today!")
I do memes on occasion. Definitely cut memes, unless said meme is very short and inspired the post in the first place. Otherwise they piggieback to whatever post I was going to make anyway.

Song lyric posts (especially those not LJ-cut)
I truly can't remember the last time I posted lyrics. Been a long while, that's for sure.

Totalitarianism ("If you disagree with me in any way, you are a troll.")
I rarely get around to commenting on comments that get left before you're already all talking amongst yourselves. Have at. I'm an expert in only a few areas. And even those I can be corrected on. But! Just know that if you say something stupid...I will roll my eyes at you. :p

Updating once a month or less
I think I post about enough to be read some but not read word for word. I like it that way.
21st-Jun-2005 04:02 am (UTC)
And I would indulge your desire again, if you asked, although that may not be a concern any longer (I'm talking about icons, perverts. :)).

I'm glad to see you in better spirits. Don't worry about being down at times...I would think anyone with half a heart would understand.

Hang in there. :)
21st-Jun-2005 06:20 am (UTC)
I've been probably quite Eeyore-esque these last few weeks.

It might be understandable if you had, but you've not come across that way at all.
22nd-Jun-2005 03:31 am (UTC)
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