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Thoughts Like Music
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Whergh-blech, It's early 
18th-Jul-2005 05:34 am
alarm clock
I woke up early today. Variety of reasons.

Had to call Aberdeen's admission office, needed to check that they'd gotten my acceptance of offer letter. No, they haven't yet. But they are understaffed, so fair enough.

Had to call potential GP surgery in Aberdeen, I supposedly need to register sooner rather than later because of the cancer followups/Synthroid regulation. Nope, can't do until I can come get forms. I'll see if ybunny can pick them up if he gets to Aberdeen afore me.

Had to call McKee, needed to make sure they know I'm quitting...plus needed to buy COBRA insurance for these last two weeks I'm stateside. My contact's not in yet. Though, I know she leaves work well before noon. So, either she's not working her full 8 or I'm missing something. Ah, well.

Well, I've gotten somewhere on all the packing, that's for sure. Nothing like desperation to motivate. :)

I have culled everything down to two very large suitcases and two not quite as large suitcases. So, hopefully I'm not morbidly over the weight limits.

Lynn and I leave (so, that's who's taking the other two bags, I hear you figure... ;) ) in two weeks and two days. Raar.

I've known this is all 'for real', so to speak, since the day my visa came back...but...

It's just getting more real everyday, I suppose. I think any situation becomes more real as you start to conceptualize the steps involved. :)

Right now, I'm trying to remember enough about Glasgow to figure how to get us from the airport to the train station. I've had various offers for rides from Glasgow to Aberdeen, but since we'll be arriving mid-week I think it'll likely be up to Lynn and me to get ourselves up to Doom. Besides, I'm thinking it's going to take a pickup truck to hold all those suitcases. At least, that's how we're getting them to the airport here. :)

Alright, I'm going back to bed for a few hours. My eyes feel all sticky-like.
18th-Jul-2005 10:04 am (UTC)
midweek doesn't matter, I can easily take a day off and not be missed just now, if you want a lift.
18th-Jul-2005 01:03 pm (UTC)
I just worry about the amount of stuff. Two, definitely not tiny people, 4 big bags. Hmm...

If you are just wanting the chance to drive around, I'd love to see you and Niri again...maybe you could come up one of the weekend that redthought is over and hopefully ybunny as well? :)
18th-Jul-2005 01:23 pm (UTC)
I'll leave the noise making stuff at home ;)

I've had 4 people plus rucksacks and sleeping equipment in the car before, and that was from Scotland to Southend (although it was two people to manchester, then 4 from manchester to southend).

The rear seats split and fold, so we should easily be able to get everything in.

And yes, I daresay there will be visits :)
18th-Jul-2005 11:15 am (UTC)
Well you have a kind offer from Gribble, but the bus to the train station is as easy as it comes.

Right outside the terminal entrance (I'm pretty sure at the far left end) are the bus stops.

Any member of staff will be able to point you to the bus - the bus is number 905 and is going to Buchanan Street so will probably have either Buchanan St / Glasgow on the front.

The timetable is here:


Ask the driver to if he stops at Queen Street Station (your train station) just to make sure it's the right bus. Then you can ask if he can let you know when you're at the train station (the always do in my experience, but no harm in asking).

Do Not get off at Central Station (Glasgow's other train station) because that's not where trains to Aberdeen run from!

The bus stops right at the train station doors.
18th-Jul-2005 12:58 pm (UTC)
Wow, thanks, albanach!

I remember now about the two train stations. It seemed a little odd when I was there before. People kept saying, 'You can't get there from here.' I kept thinking, you can't get from Glasgow to Ayr?! (where we were going at the time...), that seems a little bizarre.
18th-Jul-2005 04:36 pm (UTC)
I'm in Scotland at the end of September, perhaps we'll be able to arrange a northern spod meet.
18th-Jul-2005 07:26 pm (UTC)
Ooo! That would be lovely. :)
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