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Thoughts Like Music
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Whaaaaa...? Update. Ahh... 
7th-Aug-2005 11:10 am
Wow. Who knew jetlag could all but kill?


Let's see, yes...I think I've got it now.

Tuesday: redthought and I cleaned both of our rooms at the parents' to a high shine. New sheets, new towels, vacuuming, dusting, putting away...the works. I went around checking for bit and pieces that still needed to head to the UK.

Later, I mowed the lawn again and redthought made banana icecream. And the people rejoiced. (Well, at least drjoan did.)

Wednesday: Got up from a very unsatisfying night of sleep. Not sure why it was so bad. Well, meh. And it was longish, so that's weird too. Anycase, at 11ish, we made a lasagna for drjoan to take to a work potluck on Thursday. And, we made an egg sandwich for Dad...simply because it was easier than listening to him whine.

At 2ish we went over to the hospital and said goodbye to drjoan. It's hard to say that to her. We're close. Maybe not more so than any other mother and daughter, but in my mind we are. Dropped by the gym to say goodbye to Gram as well.

Dad drove us over to the airport at 3:15. We checked in the bags. I must say that I got lucky...the heaviest bag was 63 lbs. They are changing the limits to 50 lbs in September. Eep. After checking in, we headed up to wait. Decent flight to Newark.

We had a long layover in Newark, so we sat down for a bite. The burrito we settled on was okay at first, then was traumatically horrible. So, I had a brownie to make up for it. :)

Flying from Newark to Glasgow is the way to go, I must say. The flight was short compared with other transatlantic flights I've been on. Only 6 hours.

Thursday: We got in a bit early, but ybunny had great timing and arrived there in the nick of time. We took a cab to the Queen St. station in Glasgow then a train to Aberdeen.

Even though it was only about 1:30 or 2 when we got in, I promptly went for a nap. When I woke, ybunny and I rustled up some pasta for dinner. Then, more sleep. That seems to be the trend. Basically, I sleep...then I sleep a whole bunch more.

Friday: Unpacked some of my things. Made a run to ASDA for foodstuffs. We have the fixings for paella, risotto, enchilada casserole, potato leek soup, as well as some other less work intensive meals.

With all that hauled up to the apartment, it was time for a nap. When I woke, ybunny called percible and we went around to LJ's for dinner. Pizza, of course. Always a good choice for me. :) He brought my suitcase to me. So, now I have trousers and cutlery. Woo. He graciously joined us for a little Red Dwarf as well.

Oh, then more sleep.

The problem was, too much sleep during the day means being awake at night. ybunny and I ended up going over to Thain's Bakery at 3 am for butteries because trying to sleep got a bit ridiculous.

Saturday: So after all that sleep craziness, we didn't go to church in the morning. Bah. But, I slept until 2. Right, that's bad. Shortly after that, ybunny and I went down to his folks' place for a barbecue. It was lovely. I've not had grilled veg in forever. I took away the prize for best plasticene sculpture. However, I think it may have had something to do with ybunny's sculpture of a rower, baby, and dog.

For the evening, I rearranged ybunny's flat. Good times. ;)

Well, sleep didn't happen last night either, but I'm going to try to stay awake today and stop this cycle.

Now, got to find percible and possibly head down to the Winter Gardens.
7th-Aug-2005 11:04 am (UTC)
I agree re the Continental flight from Newark, very agreeable. Hasn't the weather been spiffy this weekend! I plan to BBQ tonight so I'm hoping it holds. So where are you, if you don't mind me asking?
7th-Aug-2005 11:23 am (UTC)
The weather is amazing. I've been here all this time and no rain! What gives?!

I'm in Aberdeen. Just a few blocks off the main street. :)
7th-Aug-2005 02:43 pm (UTC)
Glad your flight was good. Hope the jet lag is gone. At least you have some time before you have to get into the routine of university.

Have fun!
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