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Thoughts Like Music
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Edinburgh: City of Freaks 
11th-Aug-2005 11:25 pm
ceilidh shoes
Decided rather precipitously to go to Edinburgh today while sitting around last night.

So, we ran for the 7:55 train to Edinburgh Waverly and spent most of the day on the Royal Mile.

I knew it was August, month of the Festival and the Tattoo. I had, perhaps willfully, been ignorant of the wildness of the Fringe Festival. Let's just say that redthought and I were at one point approached by two guys wearing nothing but very tightie whities green and yellowies trying to get us to go to a comedy show.

Thought of several of you several times, I meant to write about all of them once I got back. However, the only time I can remember now is albanach when we werel on the corner by the Albanach store. I'm sure you see the connection.

We'd intended to buy a couple of tartan blankets and some whiskey to export back to the US. This was impeded by a few factors. 1) Forgot the name of the whiskey that mhaithaca wanted once there, and 2) the Mill isn't carrying even 15% of the blankets they did in March. Both were my stupidity, I guess. Well, forgetting definitely was. I'm thinking in retrospect that the reason for not carrying blankets is that, well...it's summer time. And very warm.

We did find a pig. Unsurprisingly. :)

Well, my feet hurt and I'm sleepy. I'll be going to bed shortly. Yay!
12th-Aug-2005 11:22 am (UTC)
Oooo... a pig!?

Too bad about the blankets. Perhaps if you make another trip when it is colder you can find one... if not maybe I can get to the factory when I am over in April.

Sounds like an interesting day though. :)
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