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Thoughts Like Music
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Covered in paint, I come 
19th-May-2006 11:34 am
Well, my migraine is mostly gone. I'm wondering if it came on because I closed the window to go to bed and I'd completed the oil based painting earlier in the day. The fumes were gone, I thought...but maybe there were some still there.

It's taken an entire bucket of paint (this lot is waterbased) to do the hallway. Which is nuts, because it's a tiny hallway. But, the wallpaper the previous tenants used is textured. I suppose I should have torn it down, but so far pulling down the wallpaper in this flat has been an exercise in disaster as it is papered directly onto the sheetrock/whatever that is under there.

Here's a diy hint. ALWAYS paint before wallpapering. You'll be glad you did when it is time to pull it down.

So, I'm taking a break in between buckets...I have a bunch more to do.

Plus, I'm making a casserole to take to potluck tomorrow.

Better wash my hands between the two. :D
20th-May-2006 12:10 am (UTC)
Painting is more time consuming than it looks, as you know. I helped paint one of the walls at my old apartment, and man- it's messy & can be a bit pricey. What color are you painting it?
20th-May-2006 08:27 am (UTC)
Well, since I got here I painted the bedroom a very light blue with medium blue skirting boards, the kitchen a very light green with just slightly darker green skirting boards, and now I'm painting the hallway and the other bedroom a white called 'hint of grey' and the skirting boards and doors in both a gloss white.

The problem is that the gloss paint is oil based and it's really whiffy. I can get through flat areas pretty quickly, but painting the woodwork takes ages to keep it from running and making drips.

I love painting, but you're right...I start and turn around and it's 5 hours later. :)
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