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Thoughts Like Music
...original soundtrack not available...you'll thank us...
Disappearing music 
7th-Jul-2006 05:57 pm
I purchased the track I'm listening to just now from iTunes, but it seems to have disappeared. I'm not a poster of song lyrics, but these are very Aberdeen-centric, and in my opinion, beautiful.

Cold is she, the cold North Sea
she'll howl and she'll heave
and will not be subdued
so raise up your glass
to those who have seen her
from no friendly shore, but east
East of Aberdeen

Four hundred miles I traveled to labor
to the grey Granite City
in the far, far North
I found myself alone
in bars with no women
just men who have been east
East of Aberdeen

At the heliport we stewed
held by stormy weather
we sweated in our suits
too tired to do much mocking
we smoked and we laughed
but the wind was doing the talking
as we wait for our flight east
East of Aberdeen

The first three days will never be forgottten
you work and you work
and you never seem to stop
it'd be a hell on earth
but the real hell is the water
when you're east
East of Aberdeen

As like a wee toy, the standby boat is bobbing
the three month trip
has sent the brains to go
they'll only get them back
when they've drunk themselves sober
and then they'll be broke and east
East of Aberdeen

The flares over the ennis(?) burn like wee candles
in the huge night sky
there is nothing else to see
and if ever you've felt
humbled and holy
it's alone with these lights, east
East of Aberdeen

Our flare burns like gold, golden restless amber
it lights up the sky
the rigging and the gantry
and o'er endless waves
the northern lights come dancing
there's angels in your dreams, east
East of Aberdeen

Three weeks you're on, your leader he bumps you
all dressed in your suit
as the chopper flies away
and it's back down below
to 14 hours of grapping
and you curse and you swear, east
East of Aberdeen

and you lie on your bunk and dream of your woman
is she lying alone
or sharing her sorrow
and the wind it sighs
the voice of a lover
but a lover who lies east
East of Aberdeen

And cold is she, the cold north sea
she'll howl and heave
and will not subdued
so raise up your glass
to those who have seen her
not from friendly shores but east
East of Aberdeen

If you should see a CD of this (probably only selling in Scotland, methinks) it is worth a listen.
7th-Jul-2006 07:09 pm (UTC)
Wonderfully evocative!
7th-Jul-2006 09:33 pm (UTC)
I'll be up Scotland in a week or so, I'll have a look for it
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