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Thoughts Like Music
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At my own personal risk. 
15th-Sep-2006 07:01 pm
As I sit eating a fig for supper, I realize that I regularly ignore a certain warning sign: wash before [insert activity].

I don't usually wash clothes before wearing the the first time. I used my juice tumblers before washing them (I'd say all my tableware, but drjoan made sure that my cutlery/place settings were washed first). I eat fruit without washing or even rinsing...sometimes on the way back from the store.

I'll probably take no harm from this. Possible harm, but probably none.

I'm curious, what warning labels/signs do you ignore?

Poll #821728 Warning signs/labels

I ignore...

15th-Sep-2006 10:45 pm (UTC)
With use by/best before dates I use healthy scepticism. If something looks and/or smells okay even if it's gone a few days (or in the case of best before dates often weeks or months) past the date on the label then I'm happy to use it. So far I haven't killed anyone. Manufacturers want us to throw stuff out so we'll buy more. I'm quite sure supermarkets and food companies build in a safety margin anyway to cover themselves.

I also ignore do not tumble dry labels, admittedly sometimes with unfortunate results.

However I DO almost always wash fruit & veg before eating unless I'm wanting to eat it before I get home then a good rub will do.
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