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Thoughts Like Music
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The direction of the Blog 
31st-Jan-2007 09:23 pm
I started this blog almost five years ago. It seems like ages ago when I changed from incessant paper journalling to electronic journalling.

Back in 2002, I mostly blathered about school and friends...about minor irritations or excitement with both. Not much has changed, obviously.

I've started thinking that I should have a point to my blog, a raison d'être, a constant theme.

That ain't gonna happen, at least not a total move to one subject alone. It's a nice thought, but ultimately, the only thing that I do with any regularity is study, attend church, and eat. Everything else is just situational.

1. Study: well, I could blog about this, but I'm no expert (yet) in my field, so it would be a bit like watching paint dry.
Yesterday I read a book. Today I read another book. Tomorrow I will read another book and try to make all three seem connected.

2. Religion: I have at times posted on religion, and probably will do again. I keep all of this filtered, because I'm no evangelical...so I don't feel the need to subject my beliefs to the world at large. In real life, possibly...online, no. People can be irrationally nasty when discussing politics, religion, or nationality in virtual interaction. No, thank you.

3. Food: I cook. I've been told I do it pretty well. I enjoy eating out as well. I'm excited about the history and future of gastronomy.

So, maybe I'll make an effort to post about food more often. I think I'll start doing a food themed post every Friday.

The first few will likely be re-posts of restaurant reviews that I put up on my .Mac account. After that? We'll see.

So let it be written, so let it be done.
1st-Feb-2007 06:49 am (UTC)
Food posts ? Oh, that sounds interesting ! :)

And about point 2, I think you're perfectly right about the fact that some discussions, online, tends to take very strange and unexpected tones. Internet blogs give us the fake impression we can freely talk about everything we care for, but reality is different. It happens too often that, in order to keep a virtual discussion within the boundary of politeness, all you can do is to limit yourself to vague statements about everyone acknowledging the existence of different point-of-view.
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