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Thoughts Like Music
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Food Friday 
2nd-Feb-2007 06:00 pm
For my first installment of Food Friday, I could just repost a restaurant review, but I think I'd better give some food background before I jump in.

I'm not a particularly picky person.
I am, however, sometimes taken for a picky person because I am vegetarian.

I've been a vegetarian all my life. I've had accidental encounters with meat: deciding to try the cat food as a toddler, mystery spaghetti sauce, and innumerable encounters with meat stock/lard/flavourings.

Meat really doesn't agree with me. Especially beef. Likely, this is because I'm not used to it.

I think that some would label me a wishy washy vegetarian because I continue to eat Bojangles biscuits when given a chance (lard), eat restaurant soup (chicken stock), and so forth.

Still others would say that to really be veggie, one must be vegan. I simply can't give up milk and eggs.

It used to be really difficult to be vegetarian and eat out at restaurants. It's getting easier. I look for places that serve dishes that are actually vegetarian instead of just substituting the meat in their best dishes for courgettes/tofu/mushrooms/generic mixed veg. (Not that those dishes can't be tasty at points...)

So, any reviews will be of the vegetarian selections at restaurants, any recipes will be vegetarian, and most food histories will be about vegetarian friendly cuisine. Just fyi.
(Also, I will note celiac friendly recipes when possible.)

So, hi, I'm Jyll. I'm a vegetarian. What are you?
2nd-Feb-2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
go visit gordon, get him to take you to annpurna, or kalpna, veggie curry FTW! :)
2nd-Feb-2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
2nd-Feb-2007 06:27 pm (UTC)
Fellow lacto-ovo-vegetarian. :D Severe meat allergies have necessitated it. Also, toss in a tomato allergy and it makes growing up in a Spanish family lots of fun. Hee.

Looking forward to vegetarian recipes!
2nd-Feb-2007 06:29 pm (UTC)
I'm a wishy washy vegetarian too. I have a don't ask/don't tell policy with restaurant food that might contain broth or meat fat, and have been known to steal bites of chicken off of my fiance's plate when drunk enough.
2nd-Feb-2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
My name is Jessica, and I'm an unapologetic gastronomic omnivore.
2nd-Feb-2007 06:45 pm (UTC)
I should probably add that I've in the past been veggie, vegan and piscatarian also. Plus I own tons of cookbooks that focus on any of the three of those. The Omni part doesn't just refer to meat. ;)
2nd-Feb-2007 06:56 pm (UTC)
Outstanding. I was going to say I'm an unapologetic omnivore who has trouble coming up with a list of things he won't eat.
2nd-Feb-2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
I have a list, but it's incredibly tiny.
Raisins top it. Also Natto isn't so great either.
2nd-Feb-2007 08:47 pm (UTC)
I'm not a vegetarian, but since I have a wheat intolerance, I pay close attention to what I eat now (i did'nt used to) and i'm finding that I'm eating less and less meat, which does'nt say much because a meal in my parents house = big slab of meat....maybe some rice, and no sides or veggies.So i'm trying to break away from that.

Not only does red meat seem to disagree with me, but I don't like pork, and i'm very picky about chicken dishes. I find vegetarian dishes (in the bay area anyway) to be even tastier than a lot of meat dishes you find in restaurants because the lack of meat is usually compensated for with other flavors.

I don't think I'm ever going to be able to give up meat, and I don't want to, but I'm happy to be incorperating a variety of other foods into my diet as well, and have been doing a good job of cooking for myself since the new year began.
2nd-Feb-2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
Limited omnivore, where limited = kosher food only, minus fresh cilantro.
2nd-Feb-2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
Hi Jyll, I'm Amy, and I'm an omnivore.

Next time you're stateside, and if you can, come up to Chapel Hill and go try a meal at Sage -- one really neat all vegetarian/vegan restaurant. They have REALLY amazingly good stuff there, even for the die-hard carnivores. I can personally speak for their vegetable lasangna & pomegranite stew.
2nd-Feb-2007 11:20 pm (UTC)
Ooo! Persian food. :)
2nd-Feb-2007 11:50 pm (UTC)
Carnivore. *g* I grew up in beef country and love it. But I love most meats, game included, and birds and fish. I respect anyone who chooses not to eat meat, of course, but I love it too much to give it up. I know I could never give up cheese.
3rd-Feb-2007 12:43 am (UTC)
erm. well I guess a wishy wash vegitarian, but very fussy about things I eat. but you know this already.
3rd-Feb-2007 06:28 am (UTC) - Me, next!
Howdy, y'all! I am Charlotte, and I am a hardcore omnivore.

Actually, by all rights, I should've been brought up a vegetarian, as my mother told me that, for the first four years of my life, I could not hold down meat, chocolate or citrus. She is proud that she persevered until I finally *did* start holding it down. Personally, I wish she had just made me a vegetarian, as I do have problems with pork n beef, sometimes chicken, too. I like meat a bit too much to give it up, entirely, but I just try to be responsible, in my consumption of meat and it's products.

That said, I'm amazed that at least 1/2 of the cookbooks in my collection are vegetarian-friendly, as I have many friends who are veg/vegan/fruitarian, etc. I've also been to quite a few veg restaurants, and quite skilled at picking out the good ones :-)

If you ever do make it to Hell-Aye, my hearty advice would be to go to Real Food Daily, across from the Beverly Center. Absolutely delicious organic vegetarian/vegan cuisine. I also love the agave syrup they use to sweeten tea n such!
7th-Feb-2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
What do you call a 'dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, yeast free, seed free, nut free, skin free, corn free'...besides complicated Crohn's?! :-p
8th-Feb-2007 02:15 pm (UTC) - vege
Free at last?
22nd-Feb-2007 03:26 pm (UTC) - Re: vege
hahaha Oh that made me laugh so hard! Thanks! :-D
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