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Thoughts Like Music
...original soundtrack not available...you'll thank us...
Wedding Blather and other miscellany 
7th-Jun-2007 07:14 pm
I try not to run on too much about wedding stuff, but a few updates now and again should be okay, I think. Mind you, you'll get an eyeful late Sept/early Oct, so brace up now.

Invitations for the UK/Europe went out today. It is absolutely horrible trying to decide whether or not to invite one person or another. I hope we stay friends with everyone.

That said, we're quite happy to have people come to the ceremony and/or ceilidh, we just can't afford to feed everyone at the sit-down meal.

I need to organize my thoughts a bit better to know what has yet to be done.

A few other points of...well, not interest...so just points.

1. I applied for my 'permission slip' to marry ybunny. *rolleyes* Hopefully that will be back soon.

2. I spilled curry on my new favorite shirt last night at Nawaab's. drjoan/redthought/anyone else who's minded, could you possibly pick up one of the bright blue short sleeve v-necks from Target (the own-brand ones) if you get a chance?

3. I'm over the moon with my new GP. Great doctor, great nurses, great location. Maybe the NHS works after all.

4. ybunny has left with A, his brother J, and neepheid for the Download Festival. I hope they come back intact. I'm not really worried.

5. I finished up translating the book of Ruth from Hebrew. I'd done the first chapter once before, but I figured since it's a short one I might as well do the rest before returning to Deuteronomy. Which is miles long. *sigh* I'd spent a few moments on it in Cornwall, but today I sat down with my lexicon and had some quality, non-interupted time. Huzzah.

Right. That was far too random. I'm off to the church to play the piano. (A real piano! Not a keyboard! I'm so stoked.)
8th-Jun-2007 07:15 am (UTC)
That sounds excactly like our wedding plans! We haven't come up with the final idea yet, we're balancing between family only, all friends, all distant family etc, and can't decide which is best. But how to invite foreign friends to church only? How to invite people who know eachother, and decide to skip the others? Meh, what hardship. Do you have a big list coming up? I wouldn't mind reading more of your wedding plans otherwise either. I'm keeping mine a secret because I don't want to spoil anything until we set a date. We'll plan the style first, and then find out how to make it happen...
8th-Jun-2007 08:27 am (UTC)
3. I'm over the moon with my new GP. Great doctor, great nurses, great location. Maybe the NHS works after all. Thats the problem with the NHS it depends who your doctor/surgery are some are great, some suck. Get a good doctor and the nhs will work well for you.
8th-Jun-2007 10:07 am (UTC)
i bet it's difficult to decide who to invite and who not, etc. and to balance it right so nobody gets upset, etc... :(
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