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Thoughts Like Music
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Food Friday: King of All Snack Foods 
27th-Jul-2007 11:04 pm
On Thursday night, ybunny and I had pizza from a local pizzeria called Heavenly.

Unfortunately, they've gone downhill since our last order from them. This time the crust was horrendously tough, the whole of it a bit burnt, and really not particularly warm by the time it arrived.

It is seldom the case that I don't like pizza.

I've had pizza from NYC to LA, from Aberdeen to Cairo, from Naples to Mexico City. This was probably the worst...

Because my brain is a bit mush today (it's cute overload from seeing my friends A & C's new baby), I'm just going to put the question out there:

Provided that you like/eat pizza,
What's your favorite pizzeria? What are your toppings of choice?

My pizzeria choice is a toss up between Mellow Mushroom and that hole-in-the-wall in Columbus, NC...my topping choices are green olives, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes (with mozzarella, of course).
27th-Jul-2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
I like a good thick crust edge and a medium crust underneath. Just about any cheese is good, no tomatoes or tomato sauce, and toss on some scallions and garlic and I'll be happy.

Mellow Mushroom is good. I actually liked Pizza Express when we lived in the UK. That being said, nothing is quite like having pizza in Rome.
28th-Jul-2007 09:01 pm (UTC)
That sounds good. I love scallions.

Pizza Express does those dough balls. And those are fantastic. Worth the trip everytime.

I do think that Roman Pizza is > Napolitan Pizza. Though, I'm sure there are some who would disagree. :)
27th-Jul-2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
If I am with my mother: Kinchley's Ramsey NJ eggplant and pepperoni.

If I am alone: Oakland Pizza Oakland with extra cheese.

FYI - I have driven from Boston to NJ for Kinchley's pizza and returned the same night. THAT is how good it is.

Oh man now I want to go to NJ for dinner...
28th-Jul-2007 09:02 pm (UTC)
Hah, that would be some good people. The farthest I've driven for food is 80 miles. :)

Did you go?
27th-Jul-2007 10:34 pm (UTC)
There's no kosher pizza place I like around here (actually, there's only one kosher pizza place at all), so I tend to make pizza for myself. I haven't figured out how to make good thick-crust pizza, so it's always thin crust, and I put a bunch of dried herbs in the dough (basil, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, whatever else appeals). As for toppings, I like veggies and cheese, almost any veggies and any cheese :-). If it's mozzarella, all the veggies I can pile on, including really good tomatoes (diced, drained), caramelized onions, roasted garlic, blanched broccoli, sauteed eggplant, red peppers, black olives, capers, artichoke hearts, roasted zucchini, and mushrooms.
28th-Jul-2007 09:03 pm (UTC)
That would make ordering in difficult. :)

I made a crust at home the other day, but I think I put too much baking soda in it. I wanted it a little thicker than some, but this was like pizza toppings on a loaf of bread. Oops.

And, oooh...capers and caramelized onions on pizza. Brilliant.
27th-Jul-2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
It depends on where I am and what I'm in the mood for, but there's lots of good pizza to be had!

- Modern, New Haven, CT
- Four Brothers, up and down route 22 in eastern NY State
- Broadway, Tivoli, NY
- Faccia Luna, Alexandria, VA
- Mama T's, Ithaca, NY
28th-Jul-2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
I hear all kinds of good things about food in Ithaca. I had no idea how much of a food mecca that place is. :)
28th-Jul-2007 12:19 am (UTC)
I prefer my own because I don't like a lot of sauce and like very bland crust with no herbs or anything. I like all cheese (no cheddar, though *shudder*) and hamburger.
28th-Jul-2007 09:05 pm (UTC)
Cheddar on a pizza is just bizarre. Tom does that. Yick. I love cheddar, but not on pizza.
(Deleted comment)
28th-Jul-2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
No problem. *toasts the birthday girl*

I made a gluten-free red velvet cake the other day, thought of you. :)
(Deleted comment)
28th-Jul-2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
I just had a mental image of you chasing a vampire with a garlic pizza. Very amusing. :)
28th-Jul-2007 01:00 am (UTC)
Mushroom and Pepperoni. Sometimes a combo, sometimes individually.

Actually, I'm waiting for my pizza to arrive right now. I blame you for putting the idea in my head.
28th-Jul-2007 09:07 pm (UTC)
I take full responsibility. I'm such an enabler. :)
28th-Jul-2007 02:08 am (UTC)
Mmm, pizza. I will have anchovies please.

We used to use Pizza Gogo in Enfield, but we haven't found a regular place here (yet?).
28th-Jul-2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
Eep. Anchovies.

However, they made a hilarious plot point in Futurama. :)
28th-Jul-2007 06:53 am (UTC)
I'm not a great pizza connoisseur, but I do like Pizza Express here in the UK. I far prefer thin crust pizza and tend to go for some combination of pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms and sometimes jalapenos.

jeremy_m likes thick crust (or 'pudding pizzas' as he's known to call them, just to make me shudder), with mushrooms, pineapple and black olives. If we get pizza delivered we have to get one each, we are not compatible in our pizza eating habits.

Roman pizza though, oh yes, want to go back there sometime.
28th-Jul-2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
I had deep dish, Chicago style pizza several times while living in Chicago. I'm not a fan. Too much gooshiness. Yuck.

Mmm...olives. Brilliant things.
Tom and I get separate pizza as well. We eat a bit the same day and then eat the rest for breakfast and lunch the next day. Nothing like cold pizza.

I'm excited I get to introduce Tom to Roman pizza in October. :)
28th-Jul-2007 08:01 am (UTC)
John's in NYC and Escape from NY in San Francisco. I've yet to find fabulous pizza in the UK but, as others have already voiced, Pizza Express will do in emergencies.

And how's this for boring: Margherita is my pie of choice. Sometimes fresh garlic.

p/s -- what Aberdeen pizzeria would you recommend?
28th-Jul-2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
I love Pizza Express' dough balls, but the pizza itself it just so-so.

Margherita is brilliant. Not cheese and tomato, but actual margherita with buffalo mozzarella. And, yes...garlic is lovely.

In Aberdeen...there's a place on Holburn Street called Papagallo's that has decent stuff. Nowhere really hits the spot though.

(I keep forgetting that you're an ex-pat as well. D'oh.)
28th-Jul-2007 09:04 am (UTC)
Oh yum, I want a puzza now! (even though it's only 10am) I adore Pizza! I like mine with mushroom, peppers, ham and sweetcorn, thin crust and lots of mozzarella and not too saucy so it goes soggy!
28th-Jul-2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
Sweetcorn seems so odd to me on pizza, but I have to admit that I like it.

And, look...now it's 10 pm, so it's totally pizza time. :)
28th-Jul-2007 03:29 pm (UTC)
Pizza Express and California Pizza Kitchen are my favorite as far as trendy pizza goes. Mellow Mushroom is probably next in that category though they don't really fit.

Of the big "normal" pizza places, I love the Pizza Hut. I know... it sucks. ;)

Toppings for me is mushrooms and green pepper. Though I like just about any veggies and even sometimes fruit! Pineapple pizza ftw!
28th-Jul-2007 09:14 pm (UTC)
Yuck, you and Dane with the pineapple pizza. I don't think I'll ever get on with that.

Pizza Hut is my old standby. It's too greasy, but it's the only sauce that I know I'm guaranteed to like. So much of the pizza sauce here is sweet. Or, at least, too sweet for me.

Is California Pizza Kitchen still in Chattavegas?
28th-Jul-2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
Hand's down it's Benedito's back in Spokane. Although there was this terrific place right outside Zion National Park that was phenomenal but the name escapes me (must have been the heat). For where I am now, I haven't had anything that beats Pizza Express' Haggis Pizza: delicious!
28th-Jul-2007 09:15 pm (UTC)
Oooh, Zion National Park is so beautiful!

Haggis pizza just seems bizarre, but I'm glad it's a winner.
29th-Jul-2007 04:14 am (UTC)
I have three modes for pizza: generally, I like Margarita pizza (with proper fresh mozzeralla) on a thin crust with tons of basil and slices of good tomatoes or, if not, at least a real sauce with big chunks of tomato in it. The Bertuccis in Harvard Square (as opposed to every other Bertucci's I've been to) does about as good a job as I've had. Otherwise, I sometimes get a cheap-pizza craving: nothing will do but a Pizza Hut style deep-dish greasy-crusted pepperoni pizza with tons of that stretchy gooey mozzarella. Mmmm.

Mode three is when I'm in the mountains of NC, when all I want is My Father's Supreme from My Father's Pizza in Black Mountain, with a cold Highland Brewing Co. Gaelic Ale (or a Bass Ale if they don't have that; they didn't the last time I was there). I should say, though, that our local pizza joint in Somerville is pretty awesome - their eggplant pizza (who'd have thought, right? I'd never have known if most of my friends weren't vegetarians) is fantabulous.

Mmmmmmmmmm, damn I really want some pizza right now.
29th-Jul-2007 08:51 am (UTC)
I'm really going to have to go spend some time in Black Mountain when I'm home next. Normally, when I go east, I don't stop until I'm in Hickory, but now my interest is piqued.
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