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Thoughts Like Music
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Explain Yourself 
1st-Oct-2007 03:43 pm
Today, ybunny and I are supposed to be relaxing. We did have a lie-in of sorts...though, we didn't go to bed last night until 2am, so a 10am lie-in isn't very impressive. We also took out the recycling (a much bigger deal than it sounds), so we're not completely relaxed.

Now, we're sitting on the couch, contemplating the mess over in Matt's room as well as the other little things that must get done today. So much for a day of relaxation.

While I'm vegging out for my allotted 15 minutes, I'll answer this meme. EDIT:In the middle of this, we had to go out for an emergency sixpence. *sigh*

firinel asked me about some of my interests.

Here's the story behind the ones she picked.

A band. Unfortunately, they just broke up. :(
Their sound was sad, but in a contemplative way. Their song, 'A Simple Process of Elimination' was my favorite.

church of paul
Started as a joke with peagles, who has since deleted his LJ. He was on Rep as well. Honestly, I can't remember the very beginning of it, but I know that redthought, shineyquarter, and I got a lot of laughs out of it.
There's still a website for it. :)

controlled library squee
Because you can't be loud and obnoxious with squee in libraries. :)
I really love libraries, the potential in the almost overwhelms me.
One of the saddest travel moments for me was not being able to do more than look at the Trinity College library in Dublin. golfbisquit and redthought had to pull me away.

everyone is 18
A reaction to LJ's nannyism. I see where they're coming from on some of it, but it was handled incredibly badly.

exacting mise en place
A reaction to my youthful cooking that usually required a stop in the middle to go buy eggs, flour, beans, cheese, vinegar, sugar, or anything else that a clever person would have checked to see that they had before starting on a recipe.
Nowadays, I not only check the recipe, but pre-measure all the ingredients and have bowls/utensils/baking pans/saucepans ready to go before I start. Makes cooking a happier experience for me.

failing toward success
I've found that learning to fail graciously and gracefully is the key to my success. It's similar to being able to admit ignorance on a subject in order to truly learn about it.

illicit still
Where ybunny and I got engaged. :)
Unfortunately, they no longer serve their brilliant vegetarian breakfast.

imaginatory reality
So much better than real life at times, no?
I tend to day dream a different version of events, as they're happening, if I'm bored.

Literally, in Greek, 'change of name'. It's the idea of using a word, usually a simplification, to replace an idea or representative thing/person.
'The pen is mightier than the sword' is an example. 'Pen' refers collectively to media/authors and 'sword' to military/any sort of physical force.
My favorite writers and poets use this quite a bit.

From Latin, 'as you like', it's the idea of having an argument for its own sake, or just to practice making a logical argument. In this case, a debate that has no anticipated outcome from either side.

sticky strawberry surprise
A reference to the messes ybunny and I have made making smoothies in the flat. In particular, an afternoon when ybunny yanked the jug part of the blender up after making a yogurt, honey, and strawberry smoothie and the bottom of the jug didn't come along. Voilá, sticky strawberry surprise.

susurrousness under the covers
I love being in bed. I love being in bed with someone more. Not just ybunny, I love being in bed with my sister and such also. The conversations you have, half whispered, in bed are the best. Susurrous is one of those brilliant word that sounds like what it is describing.

The number 666 in Greek.
There's a lot of blah-de-blah in evangelical circles about the number 666. I reject pretty much all of the numeromancy that goes on with all that. (Funny that people who are so against witchcraft are happy enough to fiddle about with Bible codes and the aforementioned numeromancy.)
I like the Eastern Orthodox idea of this that Christ (the χ) is separated from man (the ς, for six, symbolizing man, created on the 6th day) by the serpent (the ξ).
It's a bit nebulous in authenticity, but I like the idea.

Right. Back to cleaning.

If anyone wants to continue this meme, tell me about your 1st, 4th, 13th, 27th, 42nd, 100th, and 123rd interest. :)
2nd-Oct-2007 02:33 am (UTC)
A reaction to my youthful cooking that usually required a stop in the middle to go buy eggs, flour, beans, cheese, vinegar, sugar, or anything else that a clever person would have checked to see that they had before starting on a recipe.

Hahahahaha that is so me. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to run to the store for an ingredient that I didn't have in the middle of cooking.
2nd-Oct-2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
According to my records I saw Aereogramme supporting Anathema a few years back (even if I didn't spell it right).

Here we go
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