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Thoughts Like Music
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Food Friday: Pancakes 
23rd-May-2008 10:32 pm
mindless quote
I'm exhaustified.

Any way, Food Friday last week didn't occur and I'm pretty much phoning it in this week. I'll get back in the saddle by next Friday. *fingers crossed*

I was telling shineyquarter that I wish that I'd blogged about all the culture shock moments that I had when I first moved here. Too late on some fronts because what got to me ~3 years ago is old hat now.

One thing that still gets me is the pancakes.

Pancakes were a family tradition for us when I was little.

On some stroke of genius, we were part of a church that met in the afternoon instead of the morning. So, Saturday mornings meant a leisurely meal of pancakes before sprucing ourselves up and heading off to services.

I'm sure we all have our pancake favorites, but of course mine were and still are my mom's. She even made smiley face pancakes and mini ones of the letters in our names if we were good.

There were never left overs because we could never get enough of them.

Over the years, I've been to charity pancake breakfasts, sleepover brunches with undergrad friends, and to IHOPs1 across the US. Basically, I've eaten my fair share, usually with Vermont maple syrup or molasses.

When I moved over to Scotland, I was given the option of pancakes for meals other than breakfast or late night cravings. Not only that, but cold. Not warmish-cold, but cold cold.

At first, they seemed horrible.
Where was that lovely fluffy inner texture that worked so well with butter? What happened to the hint of crispiness on the outside?
Scottish pancakes seemed stodgy and too sweet.

But now, I love them. They're a convenient snack and cheap to boot.

I had some at lunch with tomato soup. Odd combination, but still good.

There's only one problem I still have with pancakes here.
How do you manage to keep the syrup on them while eating on the run? :)

1- International House of Pancakes
23rd-May-2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
I was definitely a little put off by Swedish pancakes at first. They are flat, flat, flat - flatter and thinner than pancakes are supposed to be, and not at all fluffy. They're more like crepes than anything else, and you eat them with gross, savory things instead of syrup and fruit. But they grew on me, after a bit.
23rd-May-2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
pancakes for breakfast IS a Scottish tradition - but only at home. They never work properly when made in restaurants. You need a proper griddle for them, and they need to be eaten immediately they're cooked, still warm, with butter or jam - those cold ones you get in shops - NOT the same. Too sweet, all soggy and kind of stodgy.

24th-May-2008 06:16 am (UTC)
Oh, I do miss pancake houses. A few years ago I went home and my primary request was to go to brunch at a place where I could get actual waffles. Closely followed by a deli.
24th-May-2008 06:56 am (UTC) - Our Saturday Tradition: Broken today!
Pancakes is a Saturday tradition in our home: an imported, instant-mix breakfast ritual. Yes, I know you that pancakes are not made of many ingreedients, and you can make them from scratch ... but nothing is the same to me than the instant mix, just add water American pancake mix. In a pinch, we'll take the add milk and eggs mix ... also OK. Our last visit from the States knew this and brought three boxes. We were down to our last box last weekend when my wife decided to make chocolate cake. Only, she confused the pancake mix for flour. First, she complained about how moist and clumpy the "flour" was ... and tried to force it through a flour sifter. The next thing we noticed was how much of the chocolate cake bubbled out of the form and onto the floor of our oven. We eventually gave up on the cake, but didn't figure out until our holiday breakfast this past Thursday what REALLY happened. Now we're out of instant pancake mix ... sniff :-(
24th-May-2008 07:59 am (UTC)
Supermarkets here sell little scotch pancakes here usually in packs of 6 in the croissant/muffin/cake aisle. You can get them plain, with raisins, or syrup flavoured. Yes they're cold and a little stodgy but a useful snack food for eating on the run.
24th-May-2008 10:14 am (UTC)
24th-May-2008 12:07 pm (UTC)
Hehe, that's interesting! Having lived in the UK my whole life, I don't have any experience of other pancakes ;)

24th-May-2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
Mmmmmmm IHOP-- one of my very favourite things in the States :D
Do you have a Sainsbury's close by? If so, try their Scotch pancakes, they're yummy!
26th-May-2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
Syrup? SYRUP? ( /prejudice)

I would rather have "Scotch" pancakes warm than cold, but I'd even rather have the thin, pan-filling version (as pudding). To me, the short thick ones aren't a mealtime thing at all, but an afternoon-tea food. I'd put butter or jam on them.
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