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Thoughts Like Music
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Music: 12 October 
13th-Oct-2008 10:19 am
Ecumenical service was lead by the chaplain but had a guest speaker Reverend Susan Brown from Dornoch Cathedral.
I must say, I think she's the best speaker we've had thus far at the morning services.

Hymns were Llanfair, Commandments, Stuttgart, and Abbot's Leigh. Abbot's Leigh is one of my favorite hymns, so I was well pleased.

We did 'de Angelis' for the introit again, though we were meant to do 'cum Jubilo'. I was disappointed that we didn't do the latter, but since the anthem was a bit shaky, it's good that we went with the familiar.

For the anthem, we attempted Monteverdi's 'Beatus Vir'. The piece is beautiful and I must say that we did not do it justice. Luckily, the continuo by recorder and baroque violin made up for some of the lack. Not to be a typical alto, but what is wrong with the sopranos? There are approximately 20 of them and 4 of us altos can outsing them...


Mass went perfectly. I managed to do the regular bits as usual and got the Alleluia verse without having to fudge the ending.

Oddly, they decided to do a wedding in Elphinstone Hall at the same time as Mass. This led to being serenaded with a bagpipe through the whole service.
Quite odd to hear the Kyrie intermixed with 'A Scottish Soldier'.

I'd neglected to mention previously, and luckily robin_du_bois pointed out that one of the other regular parts of the service is the singing of Salve Regina.

This is not only something we do because it is a Catholic service, but more because it was instituted by Bishop Elphinstone in the original charter for the university.
He also asked that 'Angelus ad Virginem' and 'Sub Tuam Protectionem' be sung as well. We aren't at present, but I may suggest them soon.

I spent a little time reading the original charter (helpfully contained in Francis Eeles book on King's College) and discovered that the cantor is entitled to 20 marks as salary, land of 15 rods (I don't know either), plus 13 shillings and 4 pence for robe and furred hood.

I suppose I should be happy that I'm fed on a Sunday night. :D
13th-Oct-2008 10:30 am (UTC)
13th-Oct-2008 12:19 pm (UTC)
That's kindof a lot really. :)
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