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Thoughts Like Music
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Music: 2 November 
4th-Nov-2008 02:30 pm
The ecumenical service came off quite odd.

We had a bizarre rehearsal that I believe was caused by the tension between the two people left in charge in Dr. W's absense. It's not that they don't get along, it's more that they just don't get each other and so it causes delays and misunderstandings.

We sang Stanford's 'Nunc Dimittis' from the Service in C for the Introit. It went well, though we started off a trifle unsure.

For the anthem, it was Mozart's 'Agnus Dei' from the Requiem. The Agnus Dei itself was okay, but the 'Cum Sancto Spiritu' that is tacked onto the end started badly and didn't really ever recover. In this I can squarely blame the basses. They begin alone with the organ doubling them an octave lower and the organ played one note whilst they sang a completely different one. *sigh*

The hymns were St. Denio, Harington, Firmament, and Vulpius. Firmament is a bizarre hymn. We sang some of it in harmony, which in retrospect was a mistake as the congregation knew it not at all and got confused when we split off into parts. Ah, well. There was no way to know.


For mass, we did a Requiem Mass as it was All Souls.

This is the first time an All Souls mass has been celebrated in the chapel since the 16th century. Pretty damn impressive, I think.

We began with the Requiem Aeternam introit, though we only inclused the first verset which I sang alone.

The Kyrie was one known to me as Simplex, but everyone else was calling it something else, not sure entirely.

The Psalm was number 23 with a tone which I believe is III. *ponders*

There was no Gloria or Alleluia before the Gospel.

For the offeratory, Dr. J and I alternated on the verses of Attende Domine. We only sang the first two verses, however.

The Sanctus was as per usual. As was the Agnus Dei.
However, between the two, we sang the Pater Noster. It was okay, except since the preface and the response were done in English, it was a bit odd, I thought.

Instead of the missal's communion verse, we sang Lux aeterna with its two verses, which I canted.
After which, Dr. J and I sang Domine Jesu Christe while everyone communicated.

Post communion, we sang Veni Sancte Spiritus.

Afterward, was went down, robed, and waited for the procession to the Snow Kirk cemetary began. Shh, I wore Dr. W's robe as we couldn't find anything else to use!

During the procession, Dr. J and I sang Dies Irae which set absolutely the right tone.
The Catholic Society had set out tea lights all over the graveyard and it looked amazing.
Once everyone was assembled, we sang the Salve Regina (though not with the solemn tone, though I tried...).

All in all a brilliantly conceived and executed service.
4th-Nov-2008 07:20 pm (UTC)
While I'm not Catholic, or anything close to it, I do find the ritual of it all to be very beautiful. :)
6th-Nov-2008 10:07 am (UTC) - Missa pro Defunctis
Yes, it sounds wonderful, even if not done exactly by the book; sorry I missed it.

I sympathise with your morning congregation, though; I've just looked up "Firmament", and it's not a tune I've ever heard.


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