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Thoughts Like Music
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Music: 7 December 
8th-Dec-2008 11:49 am
The morning service was led by BW, the assistant chaplain to the university.

We sang Boris Ord's 'Adam lay ybounden' for the introit, which I have memorised since this is possibly the 20th time I've sung it. It does make a difference singing it with other good singers, it can easily go very, very wrong.

For the anthem we continued with the spirituals from Tippett's arrangements. This time it was 'Steal Away'. I'm normally sort of indifferent to spirituals, but this one went really well and the two soloists were ace.

For hymns, we had 'Galloway Tam' with the words 'Hope is a candle'. I could do without this one.
The second was 'Hyfrydol' which used the words 'God the Lord, the king almighty' (Psalm 50). I am used to singing 'Come Thou Long Expected Jesus' to that tune. This made it even more weird that we then sang those words to the tune 'Stuttgart'.
The last hymn was 'Woodlands' with words 'Tell out, my soul'. I'm not a huge fan of that tune.

Mass was the 2nd week of Advent.

I'm really trying to get the Psalm tones memorised and have created a cheat sheet for myself. I'd like to get them all memorised by the new year.
This evening, we used Mode viii (b). It went okay. I keep forgetting to pause before going on to the next line.

Ordinaries as usual, from Mass vii and viii.

For communion, we sang 'Puer Natus in Bethlehem', a chant I am very fond of. While I was an undergrad we sang this tune, arranged for 4 parts, though not in harmony, called 'Estampie Natalis'. Very fun stuff.

We did not add in the 'Ave Regina Caelorum' tonight either, so I'm guessing we'll be skipping it out for the whole of Advent. Next week is the last chance. We'll see.

I have an idea to record the entirety of the Liber Cantualis, but we'll see. I did see the requests for clips of me singing, but haven't had a chance to do anything yet. I'll see if I can work on that this coming weekend.
11th-Dec-2008 05:16 pm (UTC) - Psalmody
I'm a bit puzzled by your assertion that you have to pause in the Psalm before moving on to the next line. We were always taught that the pause occurs in the middle of the verse, but that the end of each verse almost overlaps with the start of the next. The Rector uses the analogy of waves on the sea-shore; each wave rolls up the beach and pauses at the top, but the new wave starts coming in before the old wave has receded.

Or is the second half of each verse printed on a new line in your book? In which case all is explained.

Your choice of hymn tunes would seriously confuse our congregation, I think. (And no doubt vice versa). I associate Hydrofoil with the hymn Alleluia, sing to Jesus. We sing Come, thou long-expected Jesus to the tune "Cross of Jesus", and use Stuttgart for Bethlehem of noblest cities.

Best wishes for the rest of Advent. I trust your clergy will be appearing in rose coloured vestments this coming Sunday.


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