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Thoughts Like Music
...original soundtrack not available...you'll thank us...
Ah...I can go to bed early. So I will. 
10th-Oct-2003 07:52 pm
It's so sad/good when it makes you happy to be going to bed at eight in the evening. I'd do something more ambitious...but I'm just too wiped out. Mostly from the rigors of fencing. (Ouch...too many muscles near my butt!)

I thought I'd go for a redux on an old meme. So, without further...whatever...

1. Anticipating the worse: Not a typo. I never expect the worst, but I always expect things to get worse before they get better.
2. Canon 1-V: I can't believe this is unshared. It's the camera that I use. Ah, Canon, how I love thee. It's the main employee of FreeTime Publishing. redthought and I just sit around eating bon-bons...that's how good the camera is.
3. End of the Road: Where everything ends...something comforting about that I think
4. Expecting the Mundane: If you expect that nothing will happen, you'll always be pleasantly surprised
5. Figurata Etymologica: a fancy way of saying figure of speech, esp. used to describe figures of speech in ancient texts
6. Forgetting limitations: that's what it's all about (no, it's not the hokey-pokey after all)
7. Getting Undivided Attention: Not all the time, just when you ask for/deserve it
8. Hoping for Morning: I do most of my work at night, always know that it's time to give up on the academia when the sun comes up again.
9. Imaginatory reality: Knowing that what you're dreaming up would be better than real life...now if we all wish real hard (heh)
10. Mad Culinary Experiments: Still keep meaning to post my Guiness Mac and Cheese recipe
11. Meeting by Chance: It's better than trying to force people together
12. Melting into Touch: ...umm, well, duh...
13. Mount Pisgah Academy: My boarding high school, nuf said
14. Oriental Institute: the place where I'm studying and working
15. Playing easy to get: because playing hard to get is defeating the point
16. Productive procrastination: like vacuuming to avoid writing an essay, get it?
17. Riddles of Philology: I love cyphering old texts (philology = study of language)
18. Southern Slang: because I get a kick out of people talking about being nekkid vs. naked, etc.
19. Sticking to what's important: because I forget this all the bloody time
20. Suggestive compliment: because everyone needs spice in their lives
21. TA Steinlen: because I love his cat drawings and I see them first thing each morning
22. Throwing first impressions aside: because first impressions suck, that's why
23. Unexpected Gargoyles: just since I see a new one every day on this campus

All right...that's it...good night all
10th-Oct-2003 06:58 pm (UTC)
10. Mad Culinary Experiments: Still keep meaning to post my Guiness Mac and Cheese recipe

You really must. Sounds good.

16. Productive procrastination: like vacuuming to avoid writing an essay, get it?

Now that's me to a T. Expert. Makes life difficult sometimes though, huh?

Hope you have real good sleep. I should try that too.

11th-Oct-2003 05:58 am (UTC)
Yeah...I'll get the recipe up soon...right after I combat this last bout of productive procrastination...

11th-Oct-2003 10:27 am (UTC)
Dear Jyll - something's come up unexpectedly and I can't meet you at the art institute this afternoon. I'm very very sorry. I hope you get this before you go downtown.

If I do end up standing you up - will find a way to make it up to you. *nodnod* Again massive apologies for having to pull out on such short notice.
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