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Thoughts Like Music
...original soundtrack not available...you'll thank us...
Photo 125/365: Part Maine Coon 
22nd-May-2009 11:12 am (UTC)
22nd-May-2009 04:21 pm (UTC)

He's pretty much only happy around my sister (had a bit of a bad past) but they have two other full Maine Coons that would happily go with anyone. Especially if you have tuna. :D
22nd-May-2009 11:35 am (UTC)
What a sweetie! :-)
22nd-May-2009 04:21 pm (UTC)
He really is. :)
22nd-May-2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
22nd-May-2009 04:21 pm (UTC)
Hehe. :)
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