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Thoughts Like Music
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Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs Review 
30th-Jun-2009 10:04 pm
grahamb asked me ages ago to give a review of the most recent Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's album.

Well, three months later...
(That seems to be my delay on internet type things this year.)

ybunny bought the album, titled It's Blitz!, at the local music spot, OneUp.

My first reaction was, 'that's the YYYs?' It seemed entirely too...pop-y?, club-y? for them. Because of that, I initially didn't like it. I had loved the stripped down, surprising tone of Fever to Tell.

However, upon the second or possibly seventh time I heard it as I went in and out while ybunny listened and gamed in the bedroom, it grew on me.

I still have to say that Fever to Tell is more to my taste, but several songs on the new album are quite worth a listen. 'Heads Will Roll' is probably my favourite for sound but again points to a club scene even in the lyrics: 'dance, dance, dance till you're dead...'.

Is it worth £10? Yeah (yeah, yeah).

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1st-Jul-2009 07:44 am (UTC)

My love/hate relationship with YYY's began with 'a date with the night' which I hated bitterly. That was particularly painful as when it came out it was being played so often on the radio/tv you'd have thought it was an emergency broadcast and we were all living underground and that was the only music video left in the entire world.

Then the good times came and I heard new and interesting singles from them that I thought must be from a new album or something because they were so unlike the much hated single. Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be from the same album.

Anyway. The new album I'm not so taken with, but 'soft shock' is kinda nice.
1st-Jul-2009 09:03 am (UTC)
Anyway. The new album I'm not so taken with, but 'soft shock' is kinda nice.

Belated congrats on your nuptials, by the way. :)
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