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Thoughts Like Music
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Productivity Problem 
18th-Feb-2010 01:34 pm
Most of my productivity problems as a PhD student stem from two things. One is writer's block (it burns, it burns!) and the other is chemical (hypothyroidism, you suck!).

Today, it is neither.

Today, it is the fact that I can't feel my fingers.

Today, my office is like a refrigerator.

Today, it is warmer outside than in my broom closet.

This is causing two problems. My fingers want to live somewhere warmer than the keyboard, namely around a tea mug.
Solving problem one means that I spent a generous amount of time trekking up and down two flights of stairs going to the toilet.

Thankfully, this weather will pass.
Insert your own tea joke here. Sorry, delicates.
19th-Feb-2010 03:56 am (UTC)
I used to have this problem. I bought fingerless gloves for work, sure people make fun of me but I can feel my hands and type. Also there are fingerless gloves with a USB cable that you can plug into said computer and they warm up.
19th-Feb-2010 10:15 am (UTC)
if its below 16, you can go home, or something
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