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Thoughts Like Music
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Mixed Vegetable Curry: Recipe + Pictures 
1st-May-2010 11:07 pm
Tom and I are doing a 101 in 1001 task to try to accomplish things within a larger timeframe than 'what shall we do this afternoon?'. One of the tasks is to cook more curry. We love curry. Unfortunately, curry isn't cheap to eat out.

Mixed Vegetable Curry


(click through on picture for measurements/details)

1. Sauté:

Onions, on a medium heat

2. Sauté more:

Garlic-ginger paste + tomato paste, 1 minute or so

3. Add main ingredients:

Pre-cooked/blanched veg, cook until almost done

4. Bring on the heat:

Chillies/Pepper, another minute

5. Spice it up:

Stir in thoroughly

6. Stir in the nuts:

Cashews in and then turn off the heat and allow the flavours to come together for about 5 minutes (or until the rice is done...)

7. Finishing touches:

Heat back on and cream in until it's warm enough for you.
Serve with basmati.

Alt version:

Tom likes it with pineapple, I don't. Put in at the same time as the cashews, ~5 chunks per person.

oil 5p
chilli 14p
cream 27p
cashews 50p
tomato paste 10p
tumeric 8p
garum masala 10p
veg (carrot, onion, sweet potato) £2.50
frozen veg (peas) 30p
garlic-ginger paste 2p (hard to adequately figure this one, probably cheaper in reality)
Total: £4.06 (£2.03/person)

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