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Thoughts Like Music
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I bolded the things I had in common with shineyquarter...as… 
13th-Dec-2003 10:46 am

I bolded the things I had in common with shineyquarter...as that's who I stole it from.
If I didn't agree, I at least kept the answer to the same general area.

01. When I was younger, the person I am was muted but very much in existence.
02. I believe that while the minor details may change, I am who I will always be.
03. I tend to remember the dumbest things - like TV episodes and such.

04. I wish I knew more 'real' dance moves.
05. I like being at home, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
06. Sometimes I wonder if anyone understands.

07. I hate when people use bad grammar online.
08. I don't know what "l33t" speak is, but I'm willing to guess I'll hate it.
09. I mind people who don't speak/write in proper English if it's their native language.
10. I was more proficient at the languages I've learned.
11. I beat myself up when I can't excel at things that I want to be good at.
12. I like my career most of the time, but I still wish I didn't have to work.
13. Sometimes it's hard for me to deal with personalities intrinsically identical to mine.
14. I tend to let random people know too much about my past, these days.
15. I know who I am...and I don't like her most of the time.
16. I sometimes wonder how my life might be different if my dad had been home more.
17. I tend to be an extremely sound sleeper.
18. I have a lot to learn.

19. I rarely if ever cry when physically hurt...and even not that much when emotionally hurt. Tears tend to be the result of impotent anger for me.
20. I check my email every half hour, when I am not out, to see if I got new email.
21. I am an teacher, but I rarely get to teach these days.
22. Sometimes I just need to be by myself.
23. I think too many people make excuses for their behavior instead of taking responsibility for being a bitch/asshole.
24. I have never really felt like I fit in.
25. I hate having to worry about money.
26. I think the way that jobs and work are structured in this society is messed up.
27. I recognize that I can be a bit dorky at times.
28. I'm a weird person.

29. I wonder when courteous became something only seen in old movies.
30. I'm truly cynical about the state of the nation and its population.
31. I'd like to make the world a better place to live.
32. I collect books. They're like crack, I can't say no to them even if I'm broke and buying one might mean no food for a week.
33. I fill out memes and quizzes because I'm bored, not because I think you care.
34. Bratty kids irritate me, but their parents usually irritate me more.
35. I enjoy disturbing movies more than most people I know.
36. I have no superstitions.
37. I'm a night person.

38. There's a limit to how long I'm willing to listen to someone if they truly bore me.
39. I don't need sight correction, but I still wear glasses to drive at night.
40. I believe that, subconsciously, most people fall into the pack mentality.
41. I like to be flattered, admired, and stroked. But it embarrasses me, too.
42. I like people who are a bit out of the ordinary.
43. I like giving other people a lift - with compliments or little gifts.

44. I hate to see children or animals suffer.
45. I hate when my good ideas get stolen from me.
46. I love doing chores.
47. I seem to do/find things either about 5 years before or 5 years after they become trendy.
48. I'm aware that some of my answers probably contradict each other, because I feel differently at different times.
49. I wonder if anyone will read this list through.
50. I want to instantly and effortlessly have enough money to make the concept of money meaningless to me.
51. I have historically been social, but am becoming more of a loner all the time.
52. I dislike holiday commercialism.
53. The best part about the holidays is spending time with friends.

54. I have procrastination tendencies.
55. I like being alone at times when I should be social. Just knowing I have a choice to be social or not gives me a good feeling.
56. I not as picky about what I eat as I used to be.
57. I don't like big crowds unless I know at least one person to talk to.
58. I need to exercise.
59. I like when my friends write me letters and emails, it makes me feel special.

60. I'm pessimistic and cynical as my default mode.
61. I tend to be believe that the natural inclination of human nature is to be un-trustworthy.
62. I can't understand what the big deal is sometimes.
63. I overreact about things when I am tired.
64. I love the mountain.
65. I tend to hold no grudges.
66. I believe that talking about small problems can help to resolve them, but I still don't alway do the talking.
67. I believe everyone can cure their own problems if they really work at it, rather than saying "This is how I am / this is how life is."
68. I like some erotica but pr0n bores me.
69. I voted for Bush (let's see how many friends that loses me...). If for no other reason than that Gore failed out of Theology school. That is some ignorant shit right there.
70. There is more about me than I could ever fit on a list like this.
71. I've been to Sacramento once, don't really remember it.
72. Mild drunkenness is ok, but people who get completely wasted can really annoy me.
73. I'm online a lot of the time, but I frequently lose internet access. Boo.
74. I know a lot of stuff that I never intended to learn.
75. I have lived in a lot of places, but I still call Atlanta home.
76. I would rather make my friends happy than have my own way.
77. I devour books.
78. I can read a book multiple times. It's like an old friend.
79. I'm sure I'm not getting enough sleep these days.
80. I tend to get irritated with people in general, though of course there are exceptions.
81. As far as I know, I'm fairly easy to deal with unless I really love you.

82. I've had my heart broken twice.
83. I'm making such a little amount of money that I couldn't make it if I didn't have loans.
84. I'm not very close to any of my family except my immediate one...which I am incredibly close to.
85. I'm as stubborn as a very stubborn thing sometimes.
86. I dislike where my life is now and I'm not even sure how to fix it.
87. I do understand why people would oppose gay civil marriage but I don't agree with them.
88. I'm rarely jealous of what my friends have accomplished - I want to see them do well and succeed.
89. I am extremely skeptical of the efficacy of our democracy, but I voted last time.
90. I hate having the feeling that I might fail at what I'm doing.
91. I love the smell of wood smoke and pine trees.
92. I believe that opportunities are always available to those who look for them.
93. I believe that everything will work out for the best, even if it doesn't seem that way.
94. I never expect to fully understand my place in this world, but I wish I could.
95. I wish people would actually take joy in learning.
96. I wish people would be more polite, more gentle, more careful with their words.
97. I can see definite trends in today's entertainment that echo ancient Rome.
98. I am always striving to be my truest self.
99. I wish America hadn't lost it's reason for being.
100. I am done with this survey now.
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